Our animals:


We have Puppy's and kittens!!!

Puppy's are born! On june 28 Donna became a new litter. She delivered 3 girls and 7 boys. All black. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

Also we have British longhair/ lowlander kittens in several light colors. The kittens are born in may and june of 2012. You can mail me for more information.

About Stronggold

Welcome at the site of dobermann and lowlanderbreeder Stronggold. This site is under construction at the moment. We are working hard to update the site.

Kennel Stronggold started in 2006.
In daily life I am an doctors assistant and working for the emergency calls.

In December 2005 I met my friends Irina and Daniele on the internet. I was very interested in one of their males. In January 2006 I went to Italy to take Poseidon and bring him with me to my home. From the first day it was LOVE for ever.

He's fantastic in every aspect. Magnificent body and character. At home I had lots of times contact with Irina (from Pardiz Ronado Kennel) and Daniele and her husband (from Ardens Kennel Italy).

They have many years of knowledge now in breeding, mating, work etc. read I was
thrilled and brought Poseidon with me to my home in Holland and never regret this...